Invest In Yourself,
Create Your Own Economy,
Live a Self-Made Life

“You cannot rely on sustainable growth from external forces anymore. The only reliable investment is in yourself, your own business, other people, and your own personal growth and development." – Eric Henderson

I help people convert their spending into earning to create a residual income. We work together to help you become self-made and to create your own economy – one that gives you real security and freedom in your life.
After all, the best investment is in yourself.


You can use your current spending to create an ongoing income. It's called the Shopping Annuity.

We all spend to live. We buy food, clothes, cleaning supplies, household goods, appliances, footwear, drug store items, personal care items, shampoo, pet products, tools, etc. You don't have to change what you buy. Simply change how you shop. By redirecting money you are already spending to your own busines, you create and fund your Shopping Annuity.

Our business has thousands of partner stores, including many, if not most, of your favorite online stores. After you shop, we take the money you already spent, and credit you with a form of social currency we call BV and IBV. We then use it to pay you an income.

By duplicating your efforts and sharing the ingenious Shopping Annuity concept with others, you can create your own network of economically connected households, and fund your Shopping Annuity with all of the spending of anyone you lead to directly or indirectly. You can continue to spend money and make profits for the companies you purchase from, and earn nothing. Or, with a small shift in behavior and a little ambition, follow our proven business system, and convert your spending into earning with your own business and create an ongoing income.

Individuals across the globe have followed our proven business system to create the additional income necessary to do extraordinary things with their life, whether it’s owning that first home, traveling the world, or just creating more free time to enjoy with the family.

With our Global community of entrepreneurs, we’re banding together, combining our economic buying power and using our sophisticated tracking system to make money.

Located Just Outside Boston, Massachusetts


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