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bc394521-8c9f-42e8-a3bc-1b4443e91517Who am I, and why is that important? And how can knowing this help you?

I am a dad, first and foremost. It’s the greatest pleasure of my life.
I’m also a big believer that what I do for ‘work’ must allow me to be able to fit in and put first – my family.  It’s all about quality time and memory making. That’s all we really have in life, right?

At the end of it all, we have our memories, experiences, influence and impact. So, I want to make as many meaningful ones as I possibly can while I am here.

I can spend an hour with my kids at breakfast, as that’s important to me.
I walk my kids to the bus stop and talk with them – and am 100% present.
I never miss an important event in my children’s lives.
I can take my family away on vacation for as long as we want.
Life is really, really good.

I truly do have time and financial freedom. There is nothing more valuable and important to me.

How can I do all this? I’m a home business entrepreneur.

I decide which hours I’m going to put in, rather than someone else arbitrarily deciding for me.
I can put my hours in after my kids are all asleep if I want to.

There are a lot of different options out there to make a living. But, there are not that many that allow you to also build a life!

I set out on a mission to find the ‘perfect opportunity’ for me. It took me down a lot of different paths, finally leading me to the right one that I’m so passionate about today.

In my case, one of the best things about my business is that I can pass on my business and the income stream it creates to two generations. So, my children will be set for life financially – and so will their children! Now that is leaving a legacy!

Since so much of our lives revolves around our work and how we make a living, I wanted to help people create a balance – to help people create fulfillment, joy and freedom in their work and life. There is a large barrier between our careers, learning and our personal life and I am committed to helping with this issue.

I love the fact that I can also offer this same opportunity to others and help them live this fulfilled and balanced lifestyle too!

Today, my focus is in the development of people. I believe that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself. And that the best investment, outside of yourself, is the investment in other people and their success.

I’m SO committed to helping others achieve success and the same type of lifestyle I enjoy – because I know the far reaching IMPACT it can have on so many people’s lives, and in so many different ways.

IMHO, the greatest achievement and satisfaction in life is to positively affect another person’s life by helping them become their best self – and helping them reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

I have done a deep study on this and have come to this conclusion:

I believe the #1 way to truly be happy is to help and empower others. When you know you’re making an impact on others, that’s when you know you can be happy – and sustain that happiness.  In my line of work, I do not succeed UNLESS I help others.

And to top it off, the greatest opportunity of leadership, after developing yourself, is developing those who aspire to lead. This creates an endless stream of people helping people grow and improve! This is all about leaving an IMPACT – and a lasting and enduring legacy.

This is what I do best.

I invite you to spend some time looking around my website if you feel there is value for you. Also , please send me an email or a Facebook message and tell me about yourself. What brought you here to my website today? What are you looking for? How can I help you best?

Help me help you…

1. What is your #1 question about being a home business entrepreneur?
2. What caused you to look for this type of information today?
3. How hard has it been to find answers or solutions to your questions?
Not difficult/Somewhat/Extremely?

I’m here to help. I mean that.

Yours in success,

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