Apply to Work With Eric

I am fully confident in my ability to transform and empower the life of any genuine, ambitious, and coachable person.

Here is who I have found, and experienced, to be the best type of high quality folks I can help, work with, and serve:

  • People who are interested in self-education;
  • People who have so much sense of direction that it gives them the staying power to stick to their goals and achieve their dreams;
  • People who pursue Mastery and understand that that money is just a by-product of the value they provide in the marketplace;
  • People who believe that the fastest way to finish what’s on their to-do list every day is simply focusing on completing them one at a time;
  • People who have a positive attitude and are realistically optimistic. Realistic because they take action, optimistic because no matter what the result may be, they believe their success is inevitable.

If this sounds like you, I encourage you to apply to work with me today. Start by filling out the form below, at which point you’ll be directed to a short video that shows you more about how I can help you. From there, we’ll book an interview appointment to see if working with me is right for you.

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