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How To Run A Successful Home Business

A lot of folks have mentioned that one of their biggest challenges in their business is how to stay organized.

Here is my simple formula on how to stay organized, run a successful home business and boost your motivation & productivity – because of the new found clarity you will have.

1. Make a list of all the things that are preventing you from taking the necessary ACTIONS to reach your daily goals.

2. Create an action plan based on your goals.

3. Know your WHY and write a 1 page goal statement.

4. While you are WORKING – doing result-producing activities – make sure that none of the things that are preventing your success (step 1 above) are anywhere near your work environment.

5. Have whatever you need present and in reach that you need and MUST have when you are working.

6. DO NOT let anything distract you until you have completed your daily action plan.

The picture below is what my work space has in it whenever I am in focused productive mode.

-My goal statement and goals that I cultivate and read multiple times per day.
-My R.P.M. Worksheet that has my specific numbers I MUST achieve each day.
-My lap top with ONLY the websites I need open to be PRODUCTIVE.
-My tracking sheets to keep track of my progress.


It just keeps on getting better!

Yours in success,


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